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Medfile is the fastest growing company electronic health records (EHR) and personal health records (PHR) can help you access your health information with facility in India, secure online service or software of your health information and who is allowed to access it. To find out more about Medfile. Patient access to online health records has the potential to transform patient care. Greater access to information for patients can increase knowledge and understanding, promote autonomy and informed choice and enhance the doctor–patient partnership.

Personal Health Record
What are medical records for?
The purpose of digital health records may depend on your perspective. The patient-centred view is that medical records are there to provide accessible information for the patient about their care. The professional-centred view is that the record exists
to support specialist communication between healthcare professionals and your doctor has prefered so you can access your Electronic health records anytime, anywhere, manage your office appointments, talk privately to your care team, and receive the best care possible.

Ensuring that patient medical records are available online, including letters between healthcare providers, summaries of hospital visits and results of investigations, is a simple and effective way to improve patient access to information and facilitate shared decision-making. There is a clear appetite amongst the public for this: 59% agree that they would be interested in accessing their medical records online.

online patient medical record that gives you access to your health information online at any time, from anywhere. Become an active participant in your own healthcare by registering for Medfile today.